You knew something like this was going to happen eventually.  The Host of “Cheaters”, Joey Greco, is always confronting these douchebag cheaters, who are usually low life rednecks.  PLUS – he confronts this idiot on a freaking boat.

If you’re queasy at the sight of blood, might be careful watching this one – not TOO graphic, but still…

Riggs Note:  Alright.  Maybe its me being jaded by the media.  But I have a feeling this whole ordeal was very much STAGED.  Think about it – Cheaters viewership can’t be THAT big, but I can see the conversation in their marketing department.  “What if Joey Greco gets stabbed??”  What a viral sensation THIS could be…

This could be TOTALLY legit, but there’s way too much money in Hollywood for all this stuff to be real.


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