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After giving his fans a chance to watch the premiere of the “Miss Me” music video, Drake reached out to his fans — literally — during a Ustream webcast from his Toronto apartment Thursday night (Aug. 19). The rapper used the webcasting service for an hour to announce the title of his forthcoming R&B mixtape and a “Welcome Home Weezy” concert, show off his Toronto apartment and dial a handful of lucky fans on his Blackberry.

Drake struggled to launch the Ustream for nearly half an hour, but he was ready to answer fan questions once overcoming the technical difficulties. “Ustream is like the new press conference,” he said. “I put this [black hoodie] on and sprayed cologne as if you can smell it. It’s really as if we’re meeting in person.”

After answering questions about his mom (“I love her… I might see her tonight”) and the pressures he feels as an artist (“Every night I go to sleep, it’s like, ‘I gotta get better’… I gotta come back with an album that’s way better than ‘Thank Me Later,’ that’s way better than ‘So Far Gone'”), Drizzy said that his free R&B mixtape will be called “It’s Never Enough,” and that there is no release date but it will come out “soon.” He also said that he is working on his second album and hopes to have it out next year.

As for his incarcerated mentor Lil’ Wayne, Drake announced that a “Welcome Home Weezy” concert is set for Nov. 5, but couldn’t say where it would be. “You might as well just camp out at all different locations,” Drake said. “That’s gonna be crazy, the real deal.”

Drake also talked about the video for “Miss Me,” which premiered last night at 8 PM EST on MTV immediately before the Ustream. The stylish clip features performance scenes in which the rapper stares up at a woman seductively dancing toward him, while Lil’ Wayne delivers his guest verse in silhouette form. Drizzy told his Ustream audience that a video for “Thank Me Later” track “Fancy” was due out in a few weeks as well.