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We’re told that Ke$ha (must we really put the dollar sign in every time, be-yotch?) was chilling at the BMF Music Lounge at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago, where a lot of the afterparties take place. After arriving, the Tik-Toker made an attempt to have the room cleared out, but people pretty much ignored the babbling blonde.

The singer started making out on the balcony with “some skinny-jeaned guy,” who we’ve since learned is Carapetis, totally ignoring the small but going-strong party happening inside. Some of the boozers were snapping pictures of the über-cool scene when the “diva” went off on them.

“She started freaking out and yelling at everyone for taking pictures of ‘something near her,’ ” says a source on the receiving end of Ke$ha’s bitching. “Literally, no one was paying attention to her or taking pictures anywhere near her. Everyone was just trying to enjoy the party.”

Jeez, Ke$h, what’s with the ‘tude? Someone break your autotuner? Hate to break it to you, babe, but you’re hardly at the fame level where you can get away with that. Little less booze next time, ‘K?

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