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Amy Winehouse

Winehouse was snapped looking worse for wear at 11:30am yesterday after a marathon 16 hour drinking session that reportedly kicked off at 5pm on Monday. The Back to Black singer was seen slumped outside a pub at 9:30am after crashing out from her big night, before she woke up again to sit on some steps and call for a taxi.

During her wild night out, Amy was seen kissing Mischa Barton and hob-knobbing with Russell Brand’s dad Ron.

She bumped into Mr Brand senior at her favorite drinking hole, Camden’s Hawley Arms, and had such a laugh with him that she even started singing to Ron. It was at the same pub where she had earlier locked lips with actress Mischa Barton, who has recently moved to London. After leaving Camden, the 26-year-old then carried on her pub-crawl to the West End and Chinatown.

A source told The Sun: ‘I was told Amy ordered champagne and the group tucked into it before starting on pink cocktails. They were having a great time.’ She then jumped in a taxi to head to Inn 1888 in Marylebone, but was so drunk she strolled out of the cab without paying and passed out on the pub’s outdoor table, taxi driver Michael Prenpeh said.

Mr Prenpeh told the tabloid: ‘She was totally gone. She’d no idea what she was doing. She said her boyfriend had no respect for her and was blubbing away – I gave her a tissue.’ Metro.co.uk

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