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Starring as a member of skilled bank robbers in action film “Takers”, Chris Brown apparently does some of the stunt works himself. His co-star in the upcoming movie, Matt Dillon, unraveled the fact when talking to MTV News in a recent interview. “He’s, like, jumping over cars,” the older actor gushed. “He did a lot of stunts.” Recalling the filming of some scenes he shared with Brown, Dillon who plays a detective in the movie detailed, “The stuff I did with Chris Brown is chasing him though the streets for eight days straight. It was, like, nonstop.” The Academy Award-nominated actor went on to praise the singer, saying “This guy is such a good athlete.” Dillon is not the only “Takers” star who has good words for the 20-year-old. Co-star Michael Ealy, who takes on the role of Brown’s older brother, also spoke up about the “I Can Transform Ya” singer. “Chris has been very fun to work with – he brings a lot of enthusiasm and energy,” he said. “Man, I don’t remember having that much energy at his age.” Chris Brown stars as Jessie Attica in “Takers”. Of his bank robber character, he had previously shared, “A lot of the other guys in my crew are more conservative. I’m just like, ‘Well, we getting money, we doing this, we should just have cars!’ I’m the flashy guy that gets the guys in a lot of trouble at the end of the day.”

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