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I don’t know if you knew this or not, but I’m pretty much the LeBron James of beer pong… except I got rings to show for it. Anyhow, I just moved into a new house and instead of a traditional table in my dining room, I’ve always wanted a beer pong table. I entertain a lot of company and the game is a lot of fun (and I like beer). After looking around forever, I saw official ping pong tables were a little pricey. Everyone I know told me to build my own and it would be easy and cheaper. I didn’t think it would be easy till I looked it up online and I have some confidence that I can actually pull this off. Even gonna give it my own custom designs. I’ll post pics of the finished product when I have it, until then I found a list of the greatest beer pong tables ever made. Enjoy!

The 33 Best Beer Pong Tables Ever Made

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