Matrix Star Morpheus Lawrence Fishburne has got a little news that maybe hard to swallow….pun intended

His 19 year old daughter Montana wants to release her sex tape to get famous and get her name out there. Now this is not your standard home video camera with shaky hand held doggy style pumps. She is actually doing this as an actual porn flick with Vivid Entertainment. You might have even seen her on the streets leaving from a “Date” with “Brian Pumper”…but lets be real any guy that gets paid to “blast off” with over 100K worth of jewelry on is not your man or your date…That’s just simply bonus entertainment.

Montana was quoted in saying: “I’ve watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape.” To prove that as a fact you tell me any TV show or Movie you seen her in before that Ray J tape…besides the O.J Trial.

Personally I think it’s refreshing that a sex tape or hardcore video gets released and somebody has the courage to say “YEA I DID IT! I’M TRYING TO BLOW UP!” So on that note I’m not mad at Montana..because if she does blow (figuratively and literally) and she becomes a success, she is going to spark a wave of men and women who will want Vivid Contracts. Just watch

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