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Will.I.Am for Honeywell and Xupermask

Source: Xupermask / Xupermask


Whether we like it or not masks have become a part of our every day lives.  Will.I.Am. is set to release a brand new kind of mask April 8.  It seems very futuristic as it features bluetooth capabilities, LED lights, noise-cancelling headphones, a filtration system and is going for $299!  There are some issues that need to be addressed first.  One is the timing of this release!  Mask restrictions seem to be loosening up with more and more people taking the Covid-19 vaccine the need for masks seems to be declining.  Here in Indy, the mask mandate has been changed to in advisory even though you’ll still probably need a mask handy to get into certain establishments.  I don’t know if the need for masks is there like it once was, but on the other hand maybe people will choose to play it safe and continue to wear masks no matter what.

Another concern for me is that there seems to be a lot going with this face mask.  Bluetooth? LED Lights? Like am I going to get electrocuted with all this electricity near my FACE?!  And it’s not like you can exactly do a test run with it and decide if you like it or not.  It’s almost like trying on underwear on at the store, YOU CAN’T DO IT!

Masks have been another way to showcase your style and individuality.  Honestly I think I would like this mask for when I’m going to the gym or even just riding a scooter downtown.  I could see the appeal.  What do you think?  I like it but if I’m going to spend 300 dollars on something it’ll probably be a new video game system!