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On Saturday, April 10th, get motivated and inspired straight from your computer during our Inspire Her Virtual Expo. Panel’s Include:

Women Building the Future…..Careers In Trades – Hosted My Ashmac

#WomeninTech: Map your passion to a tech career – Hosted By Jules

Zoom Fashion: Be Presentable and Memorable – Hosted By Gabby Love

Stepping Into Your Power, Using Your Voice – Hosted By Karen Vaughn

Discussion around women and girls of color using their voice. In our every day, there is a stigma we face when expressing ourselves and we’re either too direct, angry, conceited, aggressive or on the other end of the spectrum and too sensitive, emotional, etc. Though we must be mindful of these stereotypes, we must find a healthy balance as to not mute ourselves, especially given the fact that society already tries to mute us. Furthermore, our voices are powerful. We create movements, instill change and make history!

Changing Lives Through a New Career in Nursing – Hosted By Tina Cosby

Returning to School, Beginning a New Career, the Unique Challenges and Rewards of Nursing

A Conversation about COVID-19 Vaccination – Hosted By Tina Cosby 

Eskenazi Health and their doctors as a resource to address concerns about the COVID-19 vaccinations, find out who the vaccine is available to and why they should consider vaccination, and find out where and how you and your loved ones can get vaccinated. This is intended to be an open dialogue to answer questions and address concerns so that attendees can make an informed decision about the COVID-19 vaccination.

CHILDBIRTH: What’s a Doula? Why a Doula? – Hosted By Ashmac

Join our session to hear about how doulas are impacting maternal and child health. We will be discussing the essential role of doulas on the birthing team and the kind of support they provide for women during pregnancy, in the birthing room, and after delivery. We believe it is important that all women, regardless of race or socioeconomic status, have access to doulas. Doulas are more than just a birthing coach, they are an advocate for mothers and help to facilitate a safe, empowering birth experience. Come join our discussion as we delve deeper into what kinds of things doulas focus on and why this is such an important and timely profession. You will also get to hear how one community doula program is being innovative in their approach to serving black and brown women in order to combat infant and maternal mortality in Indiana.

Getting Financially Fit – Hosted By Karen Vaughn

Insight Financial Group provides small businesses and nonprofits with custom and seamless accounting services to establish and manage their accounting system. Insight Financial Academy educates entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, and small business bookkeepers/accountants on accounting and other business concepts.

Do Business God’s Way – Hosted by Ashmac

Operating a business both for-profit and nonprofit and philanthropic endeavors and opportunities and how that works in unison with operating a business.

BET ON YOU… Mental Health Tips For A Better You – Hosted By Jules

Selfless and Selfish when it comes to self-care. Language and words are important and powerful. Words mean exactly what they mean.

One-on-one interviews with R&B star Jasmine Sullivan and Gospel Legend CeCe Winans, workout sessions and more!


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