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A good rule to live by in general is “Don’t Google Yourself”.  Who knows what kind of rabbit hole it will send you down and a lot of times it just ends up with something embarrassing you did years ago.  This rule goes double for celebrities.  As much as we love them there are some people out there who don’t and go online to write bad things about them.  It’s usually good for your mental health to take breaks from the internet and social media.  The “Baby I’m Jealous” singer Bebe Rexha was doing just that.  After taking a break from the internets for 3 days she returns only to discover, she’s DEAD!  See her reactions below!


I kinda want that last one to be a real song, at least for Halloween LOL! But glad to see she is still alive!  This is why you don’t believe everything you see on the internet!





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