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Morning After The Rose with Jules

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Matt is getting rid of the toxic girls and I LOVE to see it…also, if Abigail doesn’t get more screen time, I’m gonna lose it!  Fun little game I played while watching The Bachelor last night: take a drink every time someone says “O. G.” …and next week, the keywords to listen for will be “Varsity” and “JV.”  We’ll all be wine wasted, I’m sure.  *insert massive eye roll here*  GO HOME, MJ!
By now you know the drill!  I’m recapping last night’s episode of The Bachelor, and I’m getting a little help from Bachelor Twitter!  I’m sharing my top 5 favorite tweets about last night’s episode.  Watch Episode 5 of “Morning After The Rose” below.  (warning: some spoilers ahead) 🌹
Leave a comment on the video and tell us your favorite moments from last night’s episode, and if you think MJ will get sent home next episode.  Subscribe to Radio Now 100.9 so you don’t miss next week’s episode of “Morning After The Rose,” and use #MorningAfterRose to have your tweets featured!

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