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A surprise new survey has revealed that pop star Justin Bieber may be faking his Twitter count, making him appear much more popular than he really is.

According to social marketing company,, there is “substantial evidence” that he may have increased the numbers of his followers by using freely available special Twitter software.

Other celebrities accused of faking their followers on Twitter include Lady Gaga, Barack Obama, Britney Spears, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

uSocial’s CEO Leon Hill said “Using only publicly-available information and our own knowledge of how Twitter works, there’s no doubt that many of the biggest names on Twitter are artificially-increasing their followers.”

She adds that “of the top 100 users on Twitter with the largest following numbers, it’s extremely likely that 15 of those have artificially-inflated follower numbers, with the possibility of 10 more unconfirmed”.

The Biebs’ Twitter account today shows over 3.5 million followers, but he only follows less than 75,000 of his own fans.

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