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Ed Sheeran has partnered with Lowden Guitars

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I LOVE Ed Sheeran.  He just seems like a true, genuine, all around great guy!  We all know Ed for his songwriting and singing abilities, not his non-existent dancing skills.

When Sheeran was 16-years-old, he auditioned for a British Musical TV drama series, Britannia High.  He had to sing, and dance for the audition…clearly he crushed one of those tasks and failed miserably at the other.  Well, the audition tape has been around for a while, but it just recently started making it’s rounds on the internet.  After seeing Sheeran’s dance moves, one of the judges said, “Not even an option.”  Check out the clip below!

I’m cracking up over his dancing, or lack there of.  (Sorry, Ed)  Honestly though, when I dance, that’s EXACTLY what I look like.  We think it turned out for the best that he never actually landed the role.

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