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I was one of many who watched Bachelor In Paradise, cheering on the awkward love story of Carly and Evan.  I felt like they were one of the true success stories of love from The Bachelor franchise.

Well, I was sad to find out the couple has decided to get a divorce.  *insert crying here*  Carly posted a video to YouTube giving a tour of her new home she bought with Bass just a month prior to their split.  Bass’ ex-wife, Marie, was on the “Reality Steve” podcast at the end of December where she claimed the couple had split back in February of 2019.  Carly addressed the rumors brought on by Bass’ ex-wife’s comments.  She said, “We separated the day after Thanksgiving. We’ve been going to therapy for years.”  She also revealed it was Bass who decided he wanted a divorce.

Waddell then proceeded to cleanse the room by burning some sage.  She acknowledges that she probably looks crazy, which is confirmed when her dog walks out of the room.  Poor Carly!  Check out what she had to say below, around the 3:50 mark.

The couple wed in June of 2017 and they share two kids Isabella 2, and Charlie, 1.  Girl, we hope that sage worked!  Sending you all the positive vibes in 2021.  I’ll pour some wine out tonight for you, while I watch the new season of The Bachelor.

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