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Man I gotta give it to her team, they are genius! Everyday up until Rated R drops on November 23rd we will hear something about Rihanna. She will be on GMA Thursday and 20/20 on Friday and in the Woman of the year December issue of Glamour magazine (hits stands on the 10th). Of course all the pub. is to make you think she is going into major detail about . . well . . . you know. She won’t but we’ll be watching.


I see she had a great time at Nick and Mariah’s Halloween party!

November 23, 2009 – Rated R hits stores. Here is the Track-listing:

1. Mad House

2. Wait Your Turn

3. Hard featuring Young Jeezy – and if you want to hear this song, go here

Ps. Now thats more like it Rih Rih, looks like number 6 will be the only song I skip on the album!

4. Stupid In Love

5. ROCKSTAR 101 featuring Slash

6. Russian Roulette

7. Fire Bomb

8. Rude Boy

9. Photographs featuring Will.I.Am

10. G4L

11. Te Amo

12. Cold Case Love

13. The Last Song

Oh and the picture you saw before you clicked on this page is Rihanna’s Album Cover for Rated R

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