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Christmas Wishes

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Darlene is a single mother that lost her job, yet still takes in people that need help. Thank you, Darlene, for always looking out for others. Your kind deeds aren’t going unnoticed… Thanks to JCPenney.

Read the Christmas letter below and nominate a deserving family HERE!

“I wish to Nominate Darlene Badran who is a single mother of 4 who has just had surgery and lost her income (she cleaned houses) the homes she cleaned was her source of income and with the surge in Covid cases her clients let her go indefinitely and she was denied unemployment. Despite all of this she took me in (I’m also a single mom and currently pregnant) when I lost my apartment. She has little but gives so big. It hurts me to see her struggle and to see her in pain from not only her own medical issues but the pain she is sure to have knowing she can’t give here children anything for Christmas. She is a good hearted person and deserves a break.”


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