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Dan Gilbert is  probably going to go down in History as one of the most generous and giving owners of all time! Coaches, trainers and players have been numerous in this revolving door know as the Cleveland Cavaliers organization. The key thing to remember is that it was all done for the sake of Keeping Lebron James. All this and “King James” still leaves to south beach with his friends to play basketball. Well Mr. Gilbert is not having it and he addressed all of the Cavs fans in this time of anger, sorrow and lowered expectation. Click the Logo and read the letter that Dan Gilbert posted on the Cleveland Cavs website addressing Lebron.

I’m going to go on record and say that Dan Gilbert is not going to take this laying down and that maybe Bron Bron is in a little trouble on some road games. Mo Williams, Shaq and Antwan Jamison being Coached by Byron Scott is not as bad of a look as it seems. The east still isn’t real strong and Cleveland can still beat the Hawks and the Knicks with the new players and contracts.

So for Dan Gilbert I’m sending out this song dedication to Lebron James! Doin Just Fine by Boys II Men from the Evolution album.