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Joe Biden knows exactly how to reach Gen Z and it’s by playing ANIMAL CROSSING!!!

If you didn’t know “Animal Crossing” is a life-simulation video game for Nintendo Switch in which players can explore islands and develop them into communities full of anthropomorphic animals.

The Biden Campaign on Friday launched new headquarters in “Animal Crossing: New Horizon,” where players can visit an island called Biden HQ and learn all about the presidential candidate.

“Biden Island,” as the promotional site built by his campaign has features trains, lots of dogs, and a red, white and blue garden outside its own “White House,” reports.

There is even a suited, aviator glasses-wearing Joe Biden wandering around the place and players can even take pictures with him. When interacting with his character, Biden will even shout “No Malarkey!”

“Animal Crossing” has been a huge hit for Nintendo, and this is not the first time the Biden campaign is attempting to capitalize on its popularity by campaigning directly on the platform.
In September, players were able to put up Biden campaign signs and yard banners around their virtual neighborhoods.
President Trumps campaign said that they have no plans to launch a similar effort on Animal Crossing.
“This explains everything: Joe Biden thinks he’s campaigning for President of Animal Crossing from his basement,” Samantha Zager, deputy national press secretary for the Trump campaign, told CNN. “The Trump campaign will continue to spend its resources campaigning in the real world with real Americans.”
If you want to visit “Biden HQ” in game players need to have their avatars lay in a bed and fall asleep before entering the dream code DA-7286-5710-7478.

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