(Via TMZ)

Former world competitive-eating record holder Takeru Kobayashi, who was barred from participating in Nathan’s International Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest on Sunday, was arrested for rushing the stage — and demanding some boiled meat slurry, stat.

The event was mired in controversy and sticky ketchup before it even began, thanks to Kobayashi’s ban following a contract dispute. He showed up anyway, and when fans began chanting for him to be allowed to participate, he leaped over a barrier and tried to grab a hot dog before getting dragged away by the NYPD.

Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, who this year won his fourth consecutive Nathan’s title, was unfazed by Kobayashi’s bum rush, putting away 54 frankfurters in 10 minutes.

But, Kobayashi’s antics, both during and after the contest, stole the spotlight from the winner. The Daily News overheard the former champion saying, “I’m really hungry. I wanted to eat hot dogs.” A translator told NPR that Kobayashi had explained, “I was there as a spectator, just to cheer on my buddies … In the heat of it, I jumped on the stage, hoping they would let me eat.”

His explanation stinks more than Chestnut’s breath after more than four dozen of Nathan’s Famous dogs. Keep reading for an even more unconvincing video of his bust.


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