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Vienna Girardi says she is happy with how her July 5 reunion segment with ex Jake Pavelka  went because it gave fans a glimpse of what he is really like: Volatile.

During the ugly sit-down, Girardi, 24, and Pavelka, 32, pretty much argued about everything. “I’m disgusted with you,” he told her at one point. At the end of the interview, he shouted at her — “Please, stop interrupting me!” — forcing her to storm off in tears. (Later, he insisted to host Chris Harrison that he’s never screamed at a woman like that.)

“Thank you for all your support,” Girardi Twittered after the show. “The truth will always prevail. I’m so glad people see what I have been going through. Love you all.”

Pavelka simply Twittered, “Thanks everybody! I really appreciate the ongoing support.”

During their interview, Girardi said their relationship began to sour after just one month. She said she thought that they would be moving to Pavelka’s hometown of Dallas to live “a normal life.” Instead, they headed to Los Angeles so Pavelka, whom Girardi called a “fame whore,” could pursue an acting career. There, she claimed he put their relationship on the back-burner because he was too consumed with the spotlight.

Pavelka said Girardi was too “mean” to him, criticizing everything he did, and that’s why he began drawing back. He even admitted to withholding sex from her.

“What guy in America would ever want to be intimate with someone who undermines him, emasculates and doesn’t respect him?” he asked.

[SOURCE – US Magazine]