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BUT WHAT DOES IT MEANNNN?!? Attention all Shawn stans prepare to lose your minds!

The Canadian artist released a short visual for Wonder, followed by two dates: October 2 and December 4.

This tease was more than enough to rile up Mendes stans on Twitter.

Shawn also released a brand new website that lets fans to look around and find clues over what’s next, along with a clip of his upcoming video for “Wonder.” On the website, there’s also a “set list” on the floor which looks like a track list for the upcoming album, along with a new phone number (305-745-7485) that fans can text to get updates.

There are so many clues on the site I’m sure fans can find more hints. The best part of all is that we’re one step closer to listening to new music from Shawn.

UPDATE: Shawn also tweeted out a couple more clues and I for one can’t wait!!!