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If you’re serious about protecting yourself and everyone around from the very real dangers of COVID-19, you’re wearing a mask when you go out around others.

For many people that is leading to an embarrassing and unpleasant side effect of pimples … or what Gen-Z have creatively dubbed as ‘Maskne’

For a skin care problem like this we need to turn to Gen-Z’s favorite skincare guru and that’s where Hyram Yarbro comes in.

Hyram is more commonly known by his millions of followers on TikTok and YouTube as Skincare By Hyram and is praised for his amazing skin care treatments and tips.

Here are some of his tips to help prevent and reduce ‘Maskne’…

  1. Don’t wear make-up or at least no make-up in the mask area
  2. Make sure you moisturize your skin
  3. Keep skin care products to a minimum
  4. Single use masks are better to use if you aren’t willing to continuously wash your cloth mask
  5. If you touch your face make sure your hands are clean!

Watch the video below that he did for Page Six

Apparently ‘Maskne’ isn’t a new phenomena. It predates the pandemic and is well known to athletes. Especially with people who wear helmets and chin guards they are quite familiar with this type of breakout. The fancy scientific name for ‘maskne’ is “acne mechanica,” and is the result of the mechanical friction of a fabric against the skin.

Soooo look after your skin and wear a mask!

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