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Earlier this month, Entertainment Weekly‘s television know-it-all Michael Ausiello warned us that last night’s episode of “True Blood” contained “the most, ahem, twisted sex scene in television history.” I figured he was being hyperbolic, as we’ve seen some pretty raw sex on the show before. But he was not at all exaggerating. The final scene was definitely one of, if not the most uncomfortable scenes I’ve ever watched. As soon as it ended, I got multiple texts from friends all saying things like, “Nooooooo!” and “True Blood. WTF?” (If you haven’t had a chance to watch yet, stop reading now.)

So at the tail end of last night’s episode, after accepting the King of Mississippi’s offer to become a sheriff, Lorena—Bill’s maker—walks into his room and begins to mock him for loving a human. (This is Lorena and Bill’s relationship in a nutshell—she turned him into a vampire hoping he would be her lifelong evil-doing sidekick, but he hated her for taking away his humanity.) As the two talk, Bill’s fangs come out and he grabs Lorena’s neck—she swoons. He throws her down on the bed, bites her neck, and rips off her dress. She claws his back, at which point he begins to pound it in with pretty extreme force. And then comes the kicker—Bill twists Lorena’s head around 180 degree so that her chest faces the ceiling while her head dangles off the bed staring at the floor. Blood oozes out of her mouth, and Bill keeps pounding away. Until Lorena gasps out, “I still love you.” At which point Bill snaps back into control.

The adjective Amelia’s used to describe the scene: rapey. And I have got to agree with her—it kind of made me want to change my Shun, Shag, or Marry vote. It was straight up violent. But what brings it to a whole new level of effed up is how excited Lorena was by the whole thing, and seems to take it as a big sign that Bill can be the sadistic vampire she’s always wanted him to be.

So I was super interested this morning when I saw that the NY Post sat down with Mariana Klaveno, who plays Lorena, to talk about the scene. “It was actually Alan [Ball]’s idea… While we were filming it, the scene became far more intense. We added the blood, which wasn’t in the script, and it became far more violent. More like a rape scene actually,” she says. “I’m a little scared to find out how it’s received because it was really hard to film, for all involved. We kept looking at the director and writer saying, ‘Really, really? Are we really doing this?’ But that’s the great thing about this show, it pushes the envelope and surprises you.”

Mariana says that she definitely struggled when she first read the scene. “My jaw was on the floor and I thought, ‘Oh my poor parents,’” she said. “In this episode—and the ones that follow—there is a lot of violence that goes on between [Bill and Lorena]. Very uncomfortable and vulnerable scenes to film, so I kept reminding myself this is not a man overpowering a woman and forcing her to do something she doesn’t want to do. She’s allowing everything to happen to her, which makes it even more disturbing. There’s a choice there on Lorena’s part, so there’s a power there in allowing him to throw her on the bed and inflict the violence on her.” [NY Post]

What did you think of the scene? Do you think this means Bill will now turn into a bad guy, a la Angel after he and Buffy had sex? Or do you think he will be totally disgusted with himself? Will he tell Sookie? Will he ever trust himself to see Sookie again? So many questions.