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If there’s one rule on social media that most people can agree on it’s that you don’t cross K-pop stans.

There are tens of thousands of K-pop fan accounts posting all over the internet and they have become a force to be reckoned with.

Following George Floyd’s death and the world wide protests, K-pop fans are wielding their power on the internet to rally around the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter and #BlackoutTuesday have been trending on social media as Americans demand justice for Floyd. But many who oppose the BLM movement have been countering those hashtags with their own, such as #WhiteoutWednesday and #BlueLivesMatter.

K-pop fans took to Twitter and Instagram to drown out racist posts, and some of the top posts using the counter hashtags included videos of members from BTS and NCT Dream.

The popularity of the racist hashtags angered many Twitter users. Photos of all-white automobiles and home decor, along with tweets expressing general disgust for the effort were posted to overwhelm the hashtags. Notably the K-pop stans stood out with their fan cams and pic collages.

Lesson learned… Don’t make the K-pop stans mad!

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