Between the frozen treats, the beer and wine at the Copps grocery store in Wautoma, Wisconsin, Denise Irvine and Marty Czarnecki came together to get married.

The two chose aisle 9 since this is where they met last year, when Marty, an employee at Copps provided a little customer service.

“I was working in the liquor aisle and Denise came in to buy her wine, and we got talking,” said Czarnecki.

After getting engaged on Valentine’s Day they tossed around ideas on where to tie the knot. Best man Richard Schwantes came up with the plan.

“People thought it was a joke when I brought it up but I was serious,” explained Schwantes.

Rings were exchanged and true love was sealed with a kiss. Then the celebration began.

“Clean up on aisle nine,” shouted members of the wedding party after toilet paper streamers flew threw the air over the wedding couple.


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