Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber and Justin Bieber arrive at the Los Angeles Premiere Of YouTube Originals' 'Justin Bieber: Seasons' held at the Regency Bruin Theatre on January 27, 2020 in Westwood, Los Angeles, California, United States.

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Justin Bieber has only one current wish in his life: that he waited until he was married to have sex.

The “Yummy” singer held a Facebook live stream with his wife Hailey Bieber over the weekend and the couple spoke about marriage and sex and life during the hour-long Q&A.

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“There [are] probably a lot of things I would change, to be honest,” Justin admitted when he was asked about what he would change from his past. “I don’t regret anything because I think it makes you who you are, and you learn from things.”

He added, “But if I could go back and not have to face some of the bad hurt that I went through, I probably would have saved myself for marriage. I know this sounds crazy and [is] probably too much information. Sex can be kind of confusing when you’re being sexually active with anybody… I would have probably saved myself for marriage.”

Hailey was quick to add that while the two had “different experiences with everything,” she agreed with her husband’s statement.

“I do agree with the fact that I think… being physical with someone can make things more confusing,” she said.

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