Coping With Quarantine (Generic)

Source: Jennifer Aldridge / iONEDigital

In this series, Jules chats with Dr. Kelsea Visalli on various topics surrounding your mental health during quarantine. This time can be a lot for many and Jules wants to make sure you are equipped with the best information to cope with quarantine. This time the two talk about loss.

Many of us are facing loss in different ways. Whether it be loss of a job, loss of a loved one, or loss of your freedom due to COVID-19, it can all be a lot to handle.

Watch as Dr. Kelsea Visalli breaks down how to handle loss during quarantine.

Here are the resources for grief/loss:

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It’s okay that you’re not okay – meeting grief/loss in a culture that doesn’t understand– Megan Devine
Healing after loss– Martha Hickman find a therapist in your area
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