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So I used to be a night owl. A really bad one at that. I’m talking about going to bed at 3 AM and waking up at Noon. I realized two things… First off I am not 18 anymore and that crap is definitely not healthy! Secondly I wanted to reinvent myself during this quarantine so I can be a better me once life becomes somewhat normal.

Here’s how I am slowly reverting myself back to being a morning person and starting to become a new and healthier me!

  1. Get enough sleep. DUH but for real! You can’t expect to become a morning person by just waking up. Go to bed a bit earlier so waking up earlier won’t feel like death. Trust me… I moved my bedtime to 10 PM
  2. Stay consistent. Stick to it. I have my alarm set for 6 AM for weekdays. I do let myself have an extra hour of sleep on the weekends but consistency is key!
  3. Start slowly. You can not expect yourself to immediately become an early bird over night. You’re going to have to retrain yourself so its okay to take it slow! Pick a new wake-up time and gradually work towards it. Move in 15-minute increments until you reach your new time goal.
  4.  Skip the snooze. Set one alarm for when it’s time to wake up and another a few minutes later in case you sleep through the first one! I know its super tempting to hit the snooze but DON’T DO IT.
  5. Get out of bed. The longer you lay in bed after waking up to your alarm the more risk you run into falling back to sleep. As soon as that sucker goes off hop (or crawl) out of bed and you’ll slowly become less sleepy!
  6. J.F.D.I. “Just freaking do it” Sometimes you need to suck it up and get out of bed. Eventually you’ll get used to it…. eventually.
  7. COFFEE. This one is not optional for me. I need a little cup of coffee in the morning to resurrect myself BUT it truly helps!

This is just what I found worked for me obviously everyone is different but hopefully this helps you if you want to start waking up earlier!