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So, I was about to message an old friend on Facebook last week, and I noticed something kind of odd…he had begun dating a girl that I used to date, as well. Now, I’ve had those types of things happen before…no big deal…but I had absolutely no idea that this was happening. When I asked him about it, he just shrugged it off and said, “Yeah, we’ve been together for a few months now.” I’d talked to both of them at least twice a week for the last few months, and they made no mention of it at all. Then, all of a sudden, poof! There it is on Facebook for the whole world to see.

The co-conspirators...

The co-conspirators...

I’m in a real bind…I’m not a terribly nosy person, but isn’t at least common courtesy to mention something like that to someone?

How should I go about this? I really don’t know how to handle this situation. I leave it to you, the beautiful, wonderful Radio Now audience to assist me! Please comment and share your p.o.v.

Much love,


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