My screen time report was up there this week thanks to being stuck in quarantine. You’re probably going to be on your phone more often than usual these days. Now that you actually have the time, what better time to clean up and clean out your phone – a digital cleanse. This is different from a digital detox where you are avoiding your phone, internet, and social media entirely. A cleanse is just way to get your messy phone in some order. Here are 6 different things you can do:

  • Clean out your inbox – This could take awhile for some but there’s no feeling like an empty inbox
  • Unsubscribe from mailing lists – The reason why you have to clean out your inbox. Unsubscribe yourself from pesky mailing lists that you pay no attention to anyways
  • Go through your camera roll – If you way too many random screenshots or way too many pictures of your ex or just way too many pictures, consider deleting some
  • Unfollowing spree on social media – Go through who you follow and decide if they are worth seeing on your feed everyday. Sometimes social media can be toxic and it has to do with what type of content we’re being exposed to on a daily basis
  • Delete unused apps – Ever download an app and then never use it again? Clear up your home screen by deleting useless apps or just organize your home screen
  • Clear out contacts – Numbers how you don’t even know got there, don’t belong there

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