Here’s six ways that I am keeping myself sane during social distancing and self-quarantining!

Binge-watch a series

I have almost watched my entire watch list on Netflix, and it really helped kill time. Dustin has made an awesome Netflix binge list which you should totally check out. Netflix also has a feature where you and your friends can watch movies together.

Get some culture

Broadway HD has about 300 classic musicals, plays and shows which you can watch online. You can also visit a museum without leaving the comfort of your home. Click here for a list.

Clean and Organize Your House

Seriously! Take this time to deep clean your house and sort through your belongings. I spent two hours yesterday organizing my room/closet and I have a huge pile of stuff to eventually donate. You will appreciate it in the end being able to self quarantine in an organized mess free space. You can also listen to a podcast or music while doing this!

Listen to a podcast

Speaking of podcasts… Find your favorite topic, listen to a podcast on it, and chill out.

Read a book

I know….a book. You might not physically be able to escape but these paper beauties are a great way to escape mentally. Take the time to read that one book you bought cause it looked cool but you never cracked it open!


Seriously! There is something super therapeutic about baking. It’s one of my favorite hobbies. I’ve got an awesome Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and Homemade York Peppermint Patty recipe you should try!



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