With many of us being forced to work from home it can be super tempting to do your work from the comfort of your bed, BUT according to sleep expert Dr. Sophie Bostock that’s a big no no.

Dr. Sophie says for a restful night’s sleep, you want your brain to associate your bed with sleep and intimacy, and nothing else.

She also says working from your bed means it’s also likely you’ll be less productive, it’s bade for posture and more likely to nod off during the day.

Another expert, Simon Loong, founder and CEO of WeLab, said that it is also super important to set up a home office environment and mindset where you have a dedicated work space specifically for business. This will make it easier to get into”work mode” and help increase your productivity. He also said you shouldn’t be in your PJs all day it won’t help you get into and stay into “work mode.”

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