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Source: The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show / RadioNOW 100.9

Mornings in Indianapolis will never be the same as The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show is hitting the airwaves in Indy! You can hear Big Al, Kellie, J-Si, Ana, Part-Time Justin on your airwaves right here on Indy’s new Radio Now 100.9!


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J-SI: Let’s see… here is a lil’ bit about me: I was born in Mexico City and made a living by selling Chiclets. I pretty much made a killin’ with a whopping $487.75 a year. I was kicked off my corner by a much bigger and stronger kid, so I gave up selling Chiclets. I was inducted into the Chiclets Hall of Fame back in 1998. Ok, I am kidding about the selling Chiclets… or am I? I like to be mysterious. My family moved to California in 1991 and on my first day of school 3 older kids jumped me and stole my popcorn. I ended up growing up physically (my mind is still stuck in 5th grade) and fell into radio. How? I have no idea. It literally just happened. I actually wanted to be a nurse. I have one dog: Dex. My wife’s name is Kinsey. I have been with her since I was 19 years old. She is a California girl who loves to shop. I also have a boy named Cason! He’s a stud. And a baby girl named Chloe. I am a HUGE football fan. I have met tons of awesome celebs thanks to this job… except my idol Eminem : ( Maybe someday it will happen (hint hint). I like to eat pretty much anything and my best friend is my PS4.

Kellie: Kellie Rasberry was born and raised in SC, but moved to the big city to join Kidd Kraddick in the Morning on May 31, 1994. Kellie had aspirations of becoming an actress, but the owner of a local radio station saw her at a talent convention and thought she had the perfect personality for radio. She began by sitting in with the morning show and got paid only if and when they used her. After four months of showing up with donuts every day, the news girl quit and Kellie got her old job. She went on to host her own morning show and then, after a friend saw an ad in a trade magazine about working with some guy named Kidd, she auditioned for the job and got it. And thus was the beginning of the Kraddick/Rasberry Chemistry. Since working with KKITM, Kellie has won several Favorite Female Radio Personality of the Year awards, had a small part in the made-for-TV movie, “Holiday In Your Heart,” starring LeAnn Rimes, co-hosted the videocast of the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, and co-hosted an episode of “Live! With Regis” during the “Women of Radio” week. On July 1, 2017, Kellie married Allen Evans. Together, they share four children, Brooke, Emma Kelly, Cole and Dylan.

Big Al: Big Al Mack started out as a Limo Driver but after a few years of airing his own commercials on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, Kidd hired him to be ON the show. Big Al is currently single. But after his last 5 year relationship, he’s not really looking to jump back into the dating world right away. He will likely never be the True Player that he once was…Not because he can’t…He’s just too tired to chase girls again. Even though he is rumored to have spent a few years in Compton and is a self-proclaimed “O.G.”, he is actually a country music fan. In fact, he recently met Blake Shelton and Blake even gave Big Al a kiss on the cheek. Speaking of being an “O.G.”, Big Al claims to have been shot years ago…but somehow, there is not a single scar. In the evenings, you will usually find Big Al at his restaurant/bar singing karaoke, or waiting to sing karaoke. Big Al can’t swim but he loves the beach and hopes to buy a boat someday! Also, everyday when Big Al gets home from work, his Golden Doodle, Curtis, is waiting for him at the door.

Plus, the team was kind of nice to let us tour their studio and … hey, we can’t complain about it whatsoever!


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