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The new issue of Us Weekly (on stands today) reports there was growing tension between Jake Pavelka and fiancee Vienna Girardi before they announced their split Monday night.

But still, Pavelka, 32, had no idea Girardi was telling people she was single while he was 2,000 miles away taping an upcoming episode of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva — and he was “shocked” when she dumped him over the phone.

Greek star Gregory Michael, 29, whom Girardi “made out with” over the weekend, told Us in an exclusive interview, “She made it very clear they were not together.” (Another insider tells Us the 24-year-old former Hooters waitress — whose romance history now includes two broken engagements and a failed marriage — even planned her tabloid magazine cover before informing Pavelka she’d moved on.)

“He has no tolerance for infidelity,” a source tells Us Weekly of Pavelka, who first found out she was cheating on him on Monday (in a Twitter post Tuesday, she denies any cheating). “At first he gave her the benefit of the doubt, but soon realized it was true. He realized he couldn’t be blinded by love anymore.”

But “there were other things” wrong in their 7-month relationship, adds the insider. “She was jealous of him and did not support his career. The cheating was just the final straw. Things had been troubled for awhile.”

[SOURCE: US Magazine.com]

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