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AOL Build Speaker Series - Chris Harrison, 'The Bachelor'

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Chris Harrison was right when he said this would be a Bachelor ending like never before.  WOWZAS!  If you were like me, you spent Monday night and Tuesday night screaming at your television, for one main reason…Peter’s mom, Barbra.  Where do I even start?!  I’d honestly love a spin off show of all of Peter’s exes dishing on being glad they never married into that family!

Here’s a little backstory….So Madison, who is is a sweet queen that stands up for her herself and her values, decided to forgo the fantasy suite.  This, for some reason, made Peter’s whole family HATE Madison when they found out.  His family DOES know what happens in the fantasy suite, right?!  (insert moment where Peter’s mom clapped about the 4 times in the windmill with Hannah B.)  It’s SUPER weird his family is THAT involved in his love life.

Peter’s Mom, Barb, then basically manipulated him into thinking he was in love with Hannah Ann, with a whole tear fest.

Barb’s convo with Madi left her confused and made her think it would never work out…so what does she do?  Leaves.  So naturally, Peter sorta proposed to Hannah Ann by default and mommy manipulation.  Hannah Ann got to confront Peter last night where she said there were 2 other women that were a part of their relationship, Madison, and Hannah B.  She forgot one more woman though, Peter’s mom!

So let’s fast forward to when we find out Madi still loves Peter.  This is his mom’s reaction:



Then when Madi came out to address Bachelor Nation, Peter’s mom sure had a lot to say.  Including, “he’s going to have to fail to succeed.”  WTF?!

So I said all that to say this:

Dear Barb,

IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!  I’m sure this is not the first relationship of Peter’s you’ve had a heavy influence on.  You told Madi you didn’t want her to change Peter, as he’s a person who likes to go out and party.  So instead of settling down, with a girl who has strong faith and good values, you’d rather him not change for the better but be the same?  In a healthy relationship, you tend to grow not just as a couple, but a person.  Weird thing to not want that for your “Bud.”  If he’s happy, shouldn’t that be all that matters?

Please take a step back and really evaluate how you handled the situation.  I’m sure it embarrassed not just Madison, but your entire family.  You definitely owe Madi, Peter, and your family an apology.

JUST LET THEM BE.  If it works out, great.  If not, at least they found out of their own.


All of Bachelor Nation

P.S.- Remember this?  Funny you seemed to really like Madi then…

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