A Tik Tok user by the name of Maria Kukulak went viral this week after she filmed herself quitting her job at Wendy’s and leaving through the drive-thru window.

When I worked a customer service job I wanted to quit everyday. Props to Maria for actually doing it and standing up to her boss!!!

In the video she said that she had been planning on quitting since new management came in. She said “It’s hard for me because I’ve worked here for a year and I actually really like it. But the managers, the new ones, are actually being really mean to me.”

She expressed amazing work ethic when she continued with “I still have to mop and sweep so I’m not just going to just quit and leave it for them to clean because I feel bad, so I’m gonna hop out the window when I’m done … but first I’m going to sweep and do my job.”

Everything finally resolved after she found out management had been calling her a lost cause.

Maria walked over to the drive-thru window, said “John, I quit,” and climbed out the window. You can hear John saying “Are you f—ing serious?” From outside the window, she turned to the boss and told him “I’m not a lost cause. I quit.”

You Go Girl!


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