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Sometimes you might not be able to see all the red flags of a toxic person or relationship. Or maybe you can and you just chose to ignore them. Here’s a reminder of how to identify a toxic person/relationship:

  • Their drama is somehow also your drama
  • You’re exhausted after spending time with them
  • They make you feel like your feelings are less valid
  • You’re stuck in a cycle of trying to rescue, fix or care for them
  • They don’t take responsibility for the feelings and behavior
  • You eel like you have to prove yourself to them
  • You ignore your own values in effort to please them
  • You are nervous about saying “the wrong thing”

It’s important you recognize that your energy and mental and emotional health is at stake by associating with these kinds of people. Here’s how you can work to eliminate those toxic relationships:

  • Set and maintain clear boundaries
  • Stop making excuses for them and bring them back to reality
  • Explain to them your feelings in an assertive way. Watch how they respond.
  • Cut them off entirely. Stop making plans and stop replying to texts/calls. Tell them you need some time to focus on yourself.

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