Cue intense fangirling… Indiana Jones was a corner stone of my childhood and I am so ready for the next movie in the series!

For over three years now, Indiana Jones 5 has been in and out of development. The script had been passed around to several writers BUT finally the filming schedule is on track!

According to Harrison Ford, he will be playing his iconic role in just a few months from now.

This might be the last Indiana Jones movie starring Harrison Ford, so its logical to expect this movie will wrap up some plotlines and plotholes from the previous movies.

Ford also mentioned that in an interview with IGN that “it’s a very good script,” and said he was “looking forward” to working on the film. Here’s to hoping this movie is more “Last Crusade” than “Crystal Skull”

As of now Indiana Jones 5 has a release date set for July 9, 2021. Stand by for more fangirling and an Indiana Jones Marathon!

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