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So people actually break up with their significant others before before Valentine’s Day because they don’t wanna spend money on it?  It’s called “valentighting.”  Meaning you’re too tight to spend money on Valentine’s Day.  Just know you don’t have to give up a good thing due to being broke. (cause hey, we’re all broke)

Here’s a few tips and ideas to win Valentine’s Day on a budget:

  1. Stay in for dinner.  Cook your significant other their favorite meal.  Save yourself some time and money!  Plus who can hold a conversation in packed restaurants.
  2. Watch your significant other’s favorite movie together.  Seriously, with every streaming service imaginable and a red box on every corner, this should be extremely doable.
  3. Instead of spending money on gifts, go shopping together to buy something you need.  What better way to take the pressure off buying that perfect gift!
  4. Pamper yourself at home.  Turn your bathroom into a spa!  Light some candles and take a bath. Treat yo self, and relax.  Offer to give your partner a massage.
  5. Buy a small mix bouquet, not a dozen roses.  If you want to get your significant other flowers, (yes roses scream romance), but really I’ve never met anyone unhappy to get a small bouquet of carnations and daisy’s.  Flowers are flowers.  Also save money, skip buying the vase, chances are you already have one at home.
  6. Spend QUALITY time with each other.  Yes, you will survive if you don’t look at your phone every 5 seconds.  Unplug and actually have a conversation.  Give your partner your full attention.
  7. Crack open a bottle of your favorite wine or champagne.  Staying in and buying a bottle will save you from wracking up a tab at a bar.  Plus you won’t have to pay for an Uber or Lyft home.  Win, win!
  8. Write your partner a love letter.  Either make a card or write a note to let them know just how special they are.
  9. Buy your partner their favorite candy.  Let’s be real, how many of those random chocolates boxes do you actually eat?  We’ve all spent time trying to decipher the lid trying to figure out which ones to eat and which ones to avoid.  Just save money and trouble, opt for their favorite candy instead.
  10. Celebrate Valentine’s Day a different day.  Now, I know this might sound silly…but you can celebrate Valentine’s Day a day or two later, and that’s totally okay!  If you do want to go out, it will be much easier to get a reservation, plus you can get cards, candy, and flowers on sale!

After all, you can really do any of these things on any day, not just Valentine’s Day.  Shouldn’t you show your significant other that they’re special every day?

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