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Our society loves to praise the grind and hustle! But in order to be successful at anything in life, we must allow our mind, body, and soul to rest. These 9 types of rest go beyond a bubble bath and a face mask. Whenever you are going through a period of burn out or you’re feeling uninspired, try resting one of these ways originally recommended and thought of by Steph Barron Hall. 

young woman looking tired in bed

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  1. Time away – Take yourself out of your everyday environment. This could mean going on a weekend get-away or simply switching up your work space. We’re heavily influenced by the energy in the spaces we occupy and your current one may be draining you.
  2. Permission to not be helpful – Learn to say no. It’s easy to become overburdened with additional tasks. It’s always good to be as helpful as you can to others but sometimes it comes at your own cost and can even cause some stress. Know your own limits and set boundaries around them.
  3. Something “unproductive” – Distractions can be good sometimes. This includes watching a movies, listening to music, going for a drive…
  4. Connection to art and nature – I truly believe that surrounding yourself in nature can be truly healing. Reconnect with nature and culture by going for a walk or visiting a museum. This type of rest can help if you’re lacking inspiration and creativity.
  5. Solitude to recharge – If you’re an introvert, you already know all about this type of rest! Become comfortable being alone. So much clarity can come from moments of solitude. Use this time to practice mindfulness.
  6. A break from responsibility – Learn to say no – to everything! Do this just for a day or two and dedicate time to doing absolutely nothing. This doesn’t mean procrastinate but it means taking a break to take a break.
  7. Stillness to decompress – Slow down and take some deep breaths. This type of rest is important for those who are always on the move. Sometimes all we need is a few moments of stillness to relax and decompress our constant-working bodies. This includes naps as well which are essential!
  8. Safe space – Go somewhere you feel comfortable and safe and where you can be 100% yourself.
  9. Alone time at home – Close out the rest of the world and spend sometime by yourself at home. Create a room that can become a “sanctuary” when you need it – perhaps your bedroom.