Woman Making Heart Shape Against Clear Sky

Source: Cora Borkovic / EyeEm / Getty

  • Treat yourself – Yes, I’m talking buy yourself a box of chocolates and some flowers.
  • Cook for yourself – Pour up a glass of wine, turn on some vibey music and cook yourself up a delicious recipe. Most restaurants are full with reservations anyway, but you can also order take out too if you want give yourself a break from cooking. The idea here though is to sit down and enjoy a nice prepared meal.
  • Pamper yourself – Have an at-home spa day! Face masks, manicures, pedicures, bubble baths, hair treatments.. all that!!!
  • Do something you love – This could be anything from shopping to watching your favorite Netflix show to going for a run. Whatever your heart desires
  • Stay off social media – It may be a good idea to lay low on social media on Valentine’s Day. You already know you are going to see endless couple pics and that might be something you wan to avoid.

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