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Ahhhhh, love is in the air…or is it?  According to this map of the top Google searches in each state, there’s break up on the brain in nearly half the country!  Maybe that summer fling lasted a little too long, you’re broke, or you just don’t want to have to deal with the holiday?  Either way, a break up on Valentine’s Day is quite possibly the most jerk move ever!  (DON’T be that person!)

I’m proud of us Hoosiers!  We’re keeping it classy and romantic, searching for poetry.  Nothing says “I love you” more than using someone else’s words to describe your feelings.  But hey, at least we’re not googling “break up,” or “free Valentine’s cards.”  Wanna know an easy way to score a free v-day card?  MAKE ONE YOURSELF!

Pro tip:  get a nice bottle of champagne, some chocolate, and flowers and you’ll win Valentine’s Day.  (DO be this person!)  Check out the map to see what each state is googling, and find out more fun Valentine’s day stats here.

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