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Mondays suck for a reason. You have to bounce back from whatever type of weekend you endured and get back to the grind! Mondays are also a fresh start though. Here are 4 ways that will help you start your week off right, no matter what kind of weekend you had:

  1. Plan your week. Set your goals early make a to-do list on how you will achieve your weekly goals. Start off your week with intention. 
  2. Load up on fruits, veggies, and water. Allow your liver to reset and restart. Your body will thank you after a weekend of binge eating (and drinking).
  3. Create a morning ritual to get you into a positive groove. See here for the perfect morning routine. 
  4. Shower in the morning – A shower right when you wake up can awaken your senses and ease your stiff muscles from sleeping. If you’re hungover, I recommend laying down in the shower. This is not a bath – this is a shower laying down. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried.

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