Seasonal depression is very real! It’s actually diagnosed as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Once temperatures start to drop and days become shorter the winter blues kick in for a lot of us. However, there is a difference between winter blues and SAD. If your seasonal depression starts affecting all aspects of you life you may be experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder. It’s important to get help if you do think you are suffering from the disorder. These a few tips that may brighten your mood and help you to fight off those winter blues:

  • Make plans with friends on a more frequent basis – With the exception of the holidays, our social lives are generally slower in the winter months. Think about it, you’re probably much more likely to want to go out on a warm summer night than when it’s 30 degrees. It’s important to make the extra effort to surround yourself with other positive people and to go out and enjoy yourself. And trust me, this is coming from an introvert. Ever heard of cabin fever?
  • Take advantage of days with sunshine – Sunshine is very limited in the cold months of January and February so when it does peak through, be sure to go outside and enjoy it! Even with cold temperatures the sun all by itself can boost your mood.
  • Use those weighted and heated blankets – Wrap yourself up in a big warm blanket if you’re feeling sad. Cozy things can be very comforting. If you have a pet, cuddle up with them too.
  • Warm bubble baths – soaking in a warm bubble bath almost always cures for everything for me. Find how to make the perfect bubble bath here.
  • Get your Vitamin D – Vitamin D is essential! A lot of illnesses are actually correlated with low Vitamin D levels including depression. You can find Vitamin D in foods like tuna, eggs, diary, mushrooms.. you can also take Vitamin D supplements.
  • Do projects around the house – use cold days as a way to get things done around your home that you’ve been wanting to do for awhile. Rearrange your living room, paint your kitchen, organize your closet! Stay productive in your own home. Also, changes in scenery are inspiring!

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