Have you ever walked into a spa and felt instantly relaxed? There is a reason for that! Humans are sensitive to the energy in their environments and spaces they occupy. Your bedroom should be a healthy place where you can retreat to unwind. It should be a special sanctuary personal to you, separate from the rest of the chaotic world. Here are a few things you should consider if you are wanting to make your bedroom your sanctuary:

bed in a bedroom

Source: Ciaran Griffin / Getty

Plants – There are real proven benefits of keeping a couple of plants around your room. They can boost your mood & productivity levels, reduce stress, & promote calmness (which may help you sleep in return). They also produce oxygen and maintain indoor humidity levels. Here’s a list of plants that will go perfect in your bedroom. 

Photos & Paintings – Search around for pictures, paintings, and any type of decor that either inspire you or calm you. People, places, memories, moments, colors, shapes! This is your space. You should feel free to express yourself in it!

Lighting – Lighting might the biggest factor in setting the mood of a room. Opt for soft or pinkish lighting which will give your room a gentle warm feeling. Natural lighting is ideal during the day.

Bedding – Change your sheets and pillowcases on a weekly basis for sanity purposes. Try to make your bed every single day. We all know the amazing feeling of snuggling into a warm made up bed at night.



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