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Trust me, I am not a morning person but I love my morning routine! I’ve noticed all the difference in my days by taking the extra time to wake up in the morning to incorporate these four simple things into my routine:

  • Wake up – seriously, this is first on the list for a reason. Get out of bed. I don’t care if you literally have to roll off your bed to get up (that’s normally how I do it anyway). Hitting the snooze button and then falling back to sleep only makes it harder to wake up the second time!
  • Lemon water & Tea – Wake up your soul with a warm cup of lemon water and a warm cup of tea. There are SO many benefits to drinking these two combined in the morning. They promote healthy digestion, will energize your body, relieve stress and uplift your mood, and will boost your metabolism… the list goes on..
  • Read – Now I don’t know how much time you have in the world but I love to read first thing in the morning. Instead of scrolling through social media, try and fixate your mind right way on something with a purpose. A simple excerpt from your favorite book will do!
  • Meditate – Dedicate 5-10 minutes of your morning to mediation. Focus on one thought or focus on nothing at all. You’ll be surprised at how clear-headed you’ll feel afterwards.

If you decide to incorporate ANY of these things in your routine, let me know how it goes for you :) you deserve a little a self care at every time of the day! Tag me @malloryonthemic and use the hashtag #SelfCareGuruMorningRoutine so I can check in with you.

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