Hackers are sending spam emails to people in the hopes of infecting smartphones and computers with malicious software. The malware is disguised as legitimate information about the coronavirus. Experts warn don’t open sketchy links sent to you via text or email, and don’t answer suspicious phone calls and don’t download attachments that you didn’t ask for. (Click here for more)

The first British person known to have contracted the coronavirus claims he defeated the deadly virus with a whisky and honey hot toddy.

Dunkaroos are coming back!

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🚨Definitely coming back. Summer 2020.🚨

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Over a quarter of Americans plan to spend their Valentine’s Day celebrating with their pets. (Click here for more)

Five things that go on sale in February, according to RetailMeNot.com

-Today is “National Homemade Soup Day”, “Thank a mailman day” and “Rosa Parks Day” celebrates the legacy of Rosa Parks, a woman who is a symbol of equality, civil rights, and the American Civil Rights Movement. The holiday is celebrated on either February 4, her birthday, or on December 1, the anniversary of the date in 1955 on which she refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama

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