Next to Elvis, Billie Eilish may be the most impersonated pop star at the moment. Recently, there has been multiple accounts of people pretending to be Billie and in turn being rude to her fans. Why? YouTube content, of course. It was all fun and games until Billie found out about the videos which have since been taken down. She took to Instagram asking people to stop posing as her and interacting with her fans a) because it’s mean to her fans who don’t know any better and b) it’s dangerous. “Please stop doing this s–t. It is not safe for you and it is mean to people who don’t know any better… you make me look bad,” Billie posted to her story. She even shared screenshots of the videos and made the point to call the impostors out for being even more “disrespectful” by wearing some ill-fashioned grey socks LOL.

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