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High Angle View Of Beer Glasses On Table

Source: Sabine Schelbert / EyeEm / Getty

Okay, this whole “emotional support animal” thing is getting a little out of hand.  Usually we see dogs and cats pass as emotional support animals, all other animals are usually questionable.  A Brooklyn man is taking things to the next level, and has apparently registered beer as an emotional support animal.  Yes, you read that correctly…BEER!

How is this even possible?  Well apparently the man suffers from severe anxiety.  Drinking on the bus which he frequently uses to commute, is not allowed.  So, the man then took it upon himself to hop on the USA Service Dog Registration, and register his beer as an “emotional support dog.” (insert massive eye roll here)  The definition of a service animal differs from that of an emotional support animal.  Service animal guidelines are stated in the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Emotional support animals are defined as helping someone’s state of mind, which actually isn’t included in the Americans with Disabilities Act.  So, that means there’s lots of things left up to interpretation here, and this dude sorta found a loophole.

Seriously though, this guy can register every beer can as a service animal, but I doubt any of this nonsense would hold up in court.  If I were you, I probably wouldn’t follow suit.  Read more on the story here.