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Source: Matthias Nareyek / Getty

Actor Joaquin Phoenix is doing his part to save the planet this awards season.  And I don’t think he’s joking…(see what I did there? hahaa).  He is planning on wearing the same tuxedo that he wore to the Golden Globes to other awards shows this year.  Now I’m all about reduce, re-use, recycle, but is cutting back on a few tuxedos REALLY going to save the planet?  Well I guess at least it won’t hurt.  Let’s be real for a second though, NO ONE cares what dudes wear on the red carpet, plus most of the time it looks like the same blah black tux anyways.  So why aren’t more men in Hollywood already doing this?  (Looking at you, Leo)  Switching up the shirt and tie can go a long way.

Designer Stella McCartney tweeted about Phoenix’s plan to re-wear the tux.

Joaquin, you may not be saving the planet, but I do think it’s cool that you’re going against the norm of Hollywood’s fashion standards. Keep doing you, bro!

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